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Family Stress: Classic and Contemporary Readings, Sage Publications, 2003
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This book provides the family stress community with an accessible, coherent compilation of writings by past, present and emerging family stress scholars. †Why do some families rebound from stress with seeming ease while others seem to struggle? †The content included in Family Stress: Classic and Contemporary Readings is a compilation of 23 articles that represent present thinking on family stress therapy. The articles address questions surrounding the increasingly diverse and complex family situations of stress and crisis. †This anthology includes classic and current writings from multidisciplinary streams of work in family social science, social work, nursing, family sociology, family therapy and family psychology.
Culture and Context. †With an eye toward more culturally inclusive theories, the selected readings address how culture and context both aid and impede family resilience.
Clarity. †The book's overall introduction as well as each section's introduction by Dr. Pauline Boss provide context for each individual reading and coherence for the book and the topic of family stress as a whole.
Critical Thinking. †A critical thinking focus, outlined in each of the book's chapter introductions, encourages students, researchers, and practitioners to expand their own thinking about the concepts and models of family stress and coping. †This content has been developed and included to assist and guide the development of future work in this field.
Crossover Coverage. †Designed to complement the ideas covered in Pauline Bossís best-selling text, Family Stress Management, Second Edition, this collection of readings should serve as a valuable resource on its own and in tandem with other texts in this area.
Family Stress is recommended for upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in Sociology, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Family Studies. †It is also suggested for professionals and practitioners working with families in social work, nursing, family therapy, and family psychology settings. †