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Everyone experiences ambiguous loss if only from breaking up with someone, or having aging parents or kids leaving home. As we learn from the people who must cope with the more catastrophic situations of ambiguous loss, we learn how to tolerate the ambiguity in our more common losses in everyday life.

Why We Need to Understand It

Human relationships are often traumatized by ambiguous loss, but this unique kind of loss is just beginning to be discussed in professional texts and training courses. Even veteran therapists may miss it.

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A Leading Therapist

Dr. Pauline Boss is known as a pioneer in the interdisciplinary study of family stress. For over thirty years, her work has focused on connecting family science and sociology with family therapy and psychology.

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Dr. Pauline Boss, the principal theorist of the concept of ambiguous loss, guides clinicians in the task of building resilience in clients who face the trauma of loss without resolution.

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Ambiguous Loss Online Training

The Online Training includes access to the content you need to become proficient in understanding and applying ambiguous loss theory. You will earn a professional development Certificate of Completion as well as CEUs for global professionals (new and seasoned) working with individuals treating or working with ambiguous loss—physical, psychological, or both.

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