Reviews for Ambiguous Loss

Acclaim for the work of Pauline Boss and her book Ambiguous Loss: Learning to Live with Unresolved Grief, Harvard University Press, 1999

You will find yourself thinking about the issues discussed in this book long after you put it down and perhaps wishing you had extra copies for friends and family members who might benefit from knowing that their sorrows are not unique... This book's value lies in its giving a name to a force many of us will confront— sadly, more than once—and providing personal stories based on 20 years of interviews and research.
Pamela Gerhardt, Washington Post
Combining her talents as a compassionate family therapist and a creative researcher, Pauline Boss eloquently shows the many and complex ways that people can cope with the inevitable losses in contemporary family life. A wise book, and certain to
become a classic.
Constance R. Ahrons, author of The Good Divorce
A compassionate exploration of the effects of ambiguous loss and how those experiencing it handle this most devastating of losses... Boss's approach is to encourage families to talk together, to reach a consensus about how to mourn that which has been lost and how to celebrate that which remains. Her simple stories of families doing just that contain lessons for all. Insightful, practical, and refreshingly free of psychobabble.
Kirkus Review
A powerful and healing book. Families experiencing ambiguous loss will find strategies for seeing what aspects of their loved ones remain, and for understanding and grieving what they have lost. Pauline Boss offers us both insight and clarity.
Kathy Weingarten, Ph.D., The Family Institute of Cambridge, Harvard Medical School