Reviews for Family Stress Management

Acclaim for the work of Pauline Boss and the book Family Stress Management (3rd edition) Sage, 2017 with coauthors Chalandra Bryant, Ph.D. and Jay Mancini, Ph.D.

Grounded in the latest research literature and clearly written, the Third Edition of Family Stress Management offers its readers an integrative framework, the Contextual Model of Family Stress, that advances understanding of and practice with families facing adversity and positive challenges. Particularly noteworthy are the expanded discussions of multiculturalism, diversity, resilience, and community.
Gary L. Bowen, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The topic of stress and coping could not be more relevant and critical to families today, and this text is an informative guide that reviews how family stress theory has evolved, has been studied in the literature, and can be used to help all families face a variety of current stressor events.
Angie Giordano, California State University, Northridge
Boss et al. are reflective, thorough, and human in their presentation of family stress management. This is an excellent text for undergraduate family stress courses seeking to introduce students to the expansive, and at times daunting, literature on family crisis.
Lynette Nickleberry, SUNY Empire State College