Reviews for Loving Someone Who Has Dementia

Acclaim for the work of Pauline Boss and her book Loving Someone Who Has Dementia, Jossey-Bass, 2011

A gift to caregivers, in particular "boomers" who find themselves in a role for which they are unprepared...intelligent and sensitive...a fine contribution.
Gail Sheehy, best selling author of Passages in Caregiving
With her work on ambiguous loss, Pauline Boss has shed much-needed light on a difficult human frontier. Now she brings her original insight to those caring for a loved one with dementia. Her knowledge is leavened by the rarer quality of wisdom. And so she truly offers a "psychological journey toward meaning and hope" that practically addresses the hardest realities of life, love, self-care, and loss.
Krista Tippett, creator and host of public radio's On Being; author, Einstein's God
Pauline Boss's book is a revelation about how to live with a profoundly changed relationship that, despite dementia, remains a relationship. This groundbreaking therapist takes the struggling reader by the hand and offers new and very specific ways to find a path from helplessness and despair to peace and strength.
Francine Russo, author, They're Your Parents, Too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents' Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy
This book is a must for anyone suffering alongside a loved one with dementia. Dr. Boss writes with the wisdom of a scholar and the warmth of a family therapist.
Vern L. Bengtson, PhD, former president, The Gerontological Society of America