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Category: Immigration

Boss, P. (1993). The experience of immigration for the mother left behind: The use of qualitative feminist strategies to analyze letters from my Swiss grandmother to my father. Marriage & Family Review, 19(3-4), 365-378. [Reprinted in: B. H. Settles, D. E. Hanks III, & M. B. Sussman (Eds.). (1993). Families on the move: Migration, immigration, emigration, and mobility (pp. 365-378). New York: Haworth.]

Boss, P. (1996). They did it quietly:The meaning of immigration for women. In H. Rhyner (Ed.), Jubilaumsbuch 150 jahr New Glarus: America's little Switzerland errinert sich [150 years anniversary of New Glarus, Wisconsin: America’s Little Switzerland remembers.] (pp. 35-102). Glarus, Switzerland: Tschudi AG.