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Finding Meaning as an Important Step in Coping with Ambiguous Loss.

2013 National Conference on Family Relations.

Dementia as Ambiguous Loss with Pauline Boss

Dr. Anne Hallberg, Safe Space Radio, interviewer.

A Conversation About Ambiguous Loss Research with Pauline Boss, PhD, and Jay Mancini, PhD.

National Conference on Family Relations

Ambiguous Loss

Dr. Gloria Horsley, President of the Open to Hope Foundation, discusses ambiguous loss with Dr. Boss at the 2011 Association of Death Education and Counseling Conference.

Ambiguous Loss and the Intersection of Research and Clinical Work.

Steven Harris, Professor & Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Minnesota, interviewer.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Living With Dementia

Margaret Cochran, Ph.D., Whole Brain Thinking: Wisdom, Love, & Magic interviews Dr. Boss about her new book, Loving Someone Who has Dementia.

Pauline Boss on Ambiguous Loss.

National Conference on Family Relations YouTube Video of the Week.

How a Theory is Born: A Conversation with Pauline Boss.

National Conference on Family Relations Members' Stories. Nancy Gonzales, Interviewer.

A Tribute, Not a Memorial: Understanding Ambiguous Loss. A Tribute to Jim Gray.

University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Boss presentation 3:28-12:50.