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Category: Ambiguous Loss

Pauline Boss - Coping with Loss

Duncan Gammi, host of the podcast dunc tank, interviews Dr. Boss.

When Facing Loss, Embrace Change and Don't Force Closure, A Therapist Urges

Graison Dangor, NPR, interviews Pauline Boss.

Stress and Resilience During Tough Times

Professor Emeritus Pauline Boss discusses the stress of losses—both clear, such as a loved one’s death, and those that are ambiguous, such as not being able to be on campus or see friends. This event was part of the Scholar Spotlight series, sponsored by the College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota.

Conversation with Caregivers: Exploring Ambiguous Loss

Sponsored by the Division of Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital

Family Caregiver Virtual Symposium

Pauline Boss, PhD, and Arthur Kleinman, M.D. shared their professional expertise as academicians, researchers, clinical practitioners, and authors, as well as relate their personal experiences as caregivers to their beloved spouses. Sponsored by Duet: Partners in Health & Aging, Phoenix, AZ

What is "Ambiguous Loss" Caused by Disaster?

by Shiho Watanabe

The Asahi Shimbun Globe